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Stations of the Cross for your Smartphone and Computer

Walking Jesus’ Way of the Cross with Hope&Joy

The Way of the Cross has been a central devotion of Lent for about 800 years, a means of enabling Christians who could not go to Jerusalem personally to follow in Jesus’ footsteps on Good Friday.  We walk with him (literally around the church or symbolically in our prayers) from his condemnation by Pilate, through his suffering and death, and finally to the tomb.  In more recent times, a 15th has been added to the traditional 14 stations – to remind us that Jesus’ life does not end in death but in the triumph of the Resurrection.


In every age different artists and musicians have re-interpreted the Way of the Cross.  In our age it is not only modern artists and musicians but also technicians who have something to share.  We are therefore pleased to offer these downloads designed so that you can meditate on the Way of the Cross on your smartphone or computer any time and in any situation. 


The images are painted by the South African artist Joseph Capelle, installed in 2011 in the Jesuit parish of Holy Trinity, Braamfontein – tucked between the Johannesburg business district and Wits University. 


The different words are by the artist and also by Fr Russell Pollitt, the Jesuit parish priest who commissioned the paintings and who is Catholic chaplain to Wits University and the University of Johannesburg. The music is sung by the choir of the University of Johannesburg and draws on traditional African hymns and modern settings of ancient Church texts.


Click here to download the Stations directly to your phone or to a computer